How to remove iphone hard case

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My iphone case is very hard I tried to remove it but I cant remove it. Please tell me that how can i remove it or tell about any website which might be helpful for giving information regarding this issue.

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  1. Guest4868

    This guide is based on how to remove the cover from an iphone. The tools you will need to use just to remove the iphone case will be a micro cross head screwdriver and a micros flat head screwdriver. When you remove your iphone case you have to be very careful as the case is made out of a soft plastic which can easily be dented when you removing your iphone case.

    Once you have your tools and a good clean surface to work on you can start to remove your iphone case. First of all you want to remove your sim card and sim card tray to avoid any unnecessary damage. To remove your sim card and simcard tray you need a thin strong object like a pin to poke down the small hole located next to your simcard tray and headphone socket.

    Once you have removed your simcard and tray get your micro cross head screwdriver and remove the two screws located at the bottom of your iphone either side of the charging socket. With those two screws removed you can then try to work your case free, you may need to bend and flex the case to work it free. You can also use the flat head screwdriver to help pop the case free but denting is unavoidable and using the flat head screwdriver is a last resort.

    Once the case has popped off there will be a ribbon cable connecting the system board to the case, you can simply unplug the ribbon cable from the system board and remove the case completely.

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