How to remove libraries icon from windows 7 desktop?

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Althogh, it is quite difficult for a beginner like me to use windows 7, yet I installed it on my PC and tried making grip on it as I have firm grip on different versions of windows XP and Vista. After installing windows 7 on my PC, I started observing its different icons. During this process, I found the libraries icon on my desktop, which literally looks odd to me and I wanted to remove it. I tried different methods to remove it from my desktop, but I failed to do so. Is there anyone who could please help me remove the libraries icon from my windows 7 desktop? Your efforts will be appreciated. Thanking you in advance.

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  1. Guest7286

    It is quite simple to remove libraries icon from windows 7 desktop. Please follow these steps to successful get through this problem:

    Download file named, from internet and then save the zip file to your desktop. After doing so, you should open up the downloaded file (zip file) in order to extract the .reg file to your desktop. Then, press merge after ight cliking on that extracted .reg file. Now, you are supposed to band Run, Yes and OK buttons when computer prompts. After doing all these things, you are required to re-log on or to restart your computer to apply the settings. When the PC gets restart, you are free to either keep or delete the downloaded .reg and .zip files. I hope it will help you fix you problem.


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