How to remove white spaces from web pages?

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I have created web pages but there are white spaces between the buttons. Someone please tell me how to remove white space on web pages.

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  1. Guest2615

    You can easily remove most of white spaces from your code with no changes of appearance to your web pages. Browsers do not care much how good your code is, they precede the code between tags, real or implied. You need Formatting of the code with spaces, tabs, this makes it easy for people to read or understand the text or web page. However, this could slow down your browsers to download your web pages.

    According to Port80 Software and Insider Software the average web page has between 20 and 30 percent extra whitespace. So by following the mentioned procedure you can remove the whites space of your web pages:

    <table id="whitespace  repository" class="longclassname" border = "0" >


    <td> whitespace? what whitespace?


    <td> cell  block number two




    Do this:

    <table id="whitespace repository" class="longclassname" border="0">


    <td>whitespace? what whitespace?


    <td>cell block number two




    Even better, remove all the returns and abbreviate your id and class titles like this:

    <table id="wr" class="lc" border="0"><tr><td>whitespace? what whitespace?</td><td>cell two</td></tr></table>

    CSS and JavaScript can also get benefit from white space removal. Here you need to ensure to not bring any change in the meaning of your CSS or JavaScript during the process, as some spaces are very important between tokens, and for JavaScript returns that may have meaning. You can also eliminate the last semicolon in CSS rules.


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