How to renewal my employement card through online facility in cuddalore district employement office

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My name is R.Gunavathy. D.O.B : 12.12.1974. Employment registration no: W/2651/92. Registration expires on : August 2010.
Can  renewal through online in cuddalore employment office.
My emal ID:

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  1. Guest3521
    Requeted sir,
        Actual my renewal date was nov 2009.unforunately i missed my employement renewal.i registered in erode emlyement office. my registration number is w /2306/95.please do not cancel my registration. please accept my renewal. ihave completed B.comAnd Diploma co-operative traning ( one year course)my seniority is 15 years Please Accept my renewal. My mail ID thankyou.
                                                           Yours truely

  2. Guest7121

    My name is S.sivagami. Employment Register No:w/5732/96. Date:20.11.96.Renewal date is expired.I want to cancel my number and also i register at Salem because i shifed my family at Salem. What can do for that?

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