How to retrieve from an iPhone Error 9

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I’m Arnold from New York.  I have an iPhone from last two months. Yesterday, when I was downloading something in my iPhone, there came an error 9 on my iPhone screen. I don’t know how to fix it. I’m so much tensed about that as I have a very limited knowledge about iphone. Please suggest me any method, from that I can get rid of it. Answer me as quickly as possible.

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  1. Leonardo

     Dude dont be worry about that. It’s not a big issue. This is fairly a common error which almost every iPhone user faces. Its solution is very easy and for that you don’t have to be nerd, geek, tech savvy or computer programmer. There is no rocket science required for that. All you need is common sense. Its solution is like that: 

    1) You have to download the latest version of I-tunes for that.

    2) Turn the iPhone off Without hooking up to the computer,

    3) Launch I tunes, connect it to the computer and hold the’ Home’ button down. Keep the button pressed until iTunes shows that the phone is in recovery mode and then release the button.

    4) Follow instructions which will appear on the screen. The procedure will restore your phone by using your previously created backup.

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