How to save food during a power outage?

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I am looking for the solution of my query that how can I save my food at home during a power outage. Please help me in detail.

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  1. Jennifer

     "If there is a power failure at your dwelling, it is significant to pursue rudimentary food security rules. It is furthermore necessary to hold food relying upon how long the power failure is for and what you have accomplished to extend its proficiency to stay safe. Here are some advices below.

    • Use up all liable to spoil food at room warmth during two hours when the temperature is below 25 degrees C (80F).

    • During the time of power failure keep your frig and freezer closed.

    • Cover your refrigerator and freezer with heavy wrappings to protect them and hold them as cool as you can.

    • For longer outages, try to find dry ice to pack into your freezer.

    • Have an instant read food thermometer."

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