How to share embeded font between flash files.

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Please tell me How to share embeded font between flash files.

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  1. Guest6912
    Open the library by clicking "Window" from the main menu and then click "Library."
    Click "New Font" from the Library Panel pull down menu. Type in a name for the new font in the "Name" text field.
    Click on the font from the "Font" pull down menu. Click on style choices like "Bold" or "Size" if desired. Click "OK."
    Save your file by clicking on "File," on the main menu and then "Save As," and type in the name "myFont," and then click "Save."
    Open Flash and click "File," then "New" and then click "Flash File (ActionScript 3.0)" from the pullout menu.
    Import your font by clicking on "File," then "Import" and then click "Open External Library." Browse to where you saved "myFont," and click "Open."
    Drag the font asset from the library of "myFont" onto the Stage or into the library of the new Flash document.

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