How to spot a good London real estate agent

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How to spot a good London real estate agent

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    If you are looking for estate agents, London offers a huge and varied selection from which to choose. This is great on the one hand; but on the other it can be perplexing. How do you know which one is right for you and will sell your home quickly?

    The end goal you want to achieve is a smooth sale of your home, yet people commonly neglect to keep this in mind and are often swayed by sweeteners from an estate agent who will offer to charge a very low commission rate, or who gives the highest valuation on the property they wish to sell.

    Please don't be tempted solely by either of these marketing tools. Neither will have an effect on how quickly or well your house will be sold.

    It's important to conduct research and choose an estate agent in London depending on the types of properties they are already selling successfully. Monitor a few estate agents in the area and look at how frequently they are selling property that's similar to yours.

    Once you've found some that are selling similar properties, call in to the offices for a chat to judge how happy you would be using them to sell your property. Are they happy to discuss with you honestly the housing market in your area? Can they helpfully explain price fluctuations for similar properties around London? Are they willing to take time and listen to you properly?

    Try to choose three estate agents and invite each one to your property to give a valuation. Ask each one which services will be provided. As standard you should expect them to carry out promotion of your property in various media; online and local print media and in their window, a free property evaluation, showing buyers around your property and providing any offers received from potential buyers in writing.

    You also should discuss with the agents what would happen if at any time you wished to terminate the agreement between you, such as if you found a buyer for your property yourself, or you are unhappy generally with the service you are receiving. It's a good idea to request a six or twelve-week break clause in your agreement for peace of mind.

    There are thousands of estate agents in London but by following this advice and approaching agents only when you are prepared and have done your research should go a long way in securing a business relationship that is suitable and results in you selling your house in a time frame and at a price you are very happy with.

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