How to spot a good Mumbai real estate agent

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How to spot a good Mumbai real estate agent

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    When buying or selling a property, one will definitely need the professional guidance of an agent to avoid any legal hassles and to have a smooth transaction of the property. Property dealings are critical financial matters which need to be handled very carefully. Hence, selecting a reliable estate agent becomes the need of the hour. Consider the following points before choosing your real estate agent.


    You will find many brokers in the market, but what you will need is a broker who has enough experience dealing the kind of properties that you want to buy/sell. For example, if you want to put an office for rent in Andheri, you need to check if the agent has experience in similar dealings before.


    You need to check the reputation of the agent with the local people. To make sure that you don’t land in trouble by getting into illegal dealings, or incur unreasonable losses, you have to do a good background check of your real estate agent. A reputed real estate agent will have some establishment/office under which he carries out property dealings.

    Choice in deals

    A good real estate agent will always have a good amount of proposals to match your requirements. If the agent is not able to provide you with multiple options, you may better move on to find another agent. For example, if you want to buy a residential property in Mumbai within a budget of 50 lacs and has a hospital and a school in the vicinity, you would like to compare a number of properties before you decide to buy one.


    Before proceeding with your dealings with the agent, clearly understand the fees structure. You should make the payments only after the sale or purchase of the property has been done with its entire legalities performed. However, some agents do charge a nominal service fee before taking up your work.


    Always chose a full-time real estate agent, who can cater to your requirements dedicatedly. Agents who work part-time can be difficult to get in touch and cause unnecessary delays in completing your deal.


    While choosing a real estate agent, you should prefer one from the same locality where you want to buy/sell your property. An agent belonging to the same locality will be able to rope in the best deal for you. In short, your real estate agent should have good market forecasting abilities, have good reputation and be able to represent your proposal to buy the best deal.

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