How to spot a good Toronto real estate agent

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How to spot a good Toronto real estate agent

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    Looking for a toronto real estate agent may take a little time an effort on your part. First you should begin by looking at some of the other listings the agent may be representing. Many agents have an on line listing tool in which you can browse to see how they are representing other homes in your area. IF the other sights seem to be professionally advertised, with a lot of quality information, then the agent may by someone who you should pursue. By aware of agents who blatantly are not truthful. For example, you should always be wary of an agent that tries to candy coat the market. Statistical information can speak volumes for the current market. IF the market is slow and the agent is telling you that things are moving quickly, there may be some inconsistencies int heir information.

    Most buyers will be more willing to listen to a toronto real estate agent if they are honest and up front. It is always bothersome to hear an agent try to dismiss certain flaws that are prevalent in a home, just to try to make the sale. Most buyers can see through the fake facade and do not appreciate beign taken advantage of. Ask the agent about current market values of the homes around. Ask them about the school districts and the economy on the area. Ask about crime rates and new home sales. These are all facts that can be proven with a little Internet research. IF their answers do not correlate with the data, then perhaps that agent is not someone who can be trusted.

    The agent should also be willing to show you other homes that might fit your preferences. Make your preferences clear and if the agent is able to show you homes within the parameters of you preferences, then they may be an agent that can lead you to your dream home. The agent must be willing to listen and not try to make some homes fit your criteria if they clearly do not. Remember, the agent’s ultimate interest is to make a great sale. Many are truly interested in making the customers happy. IF they can please a buyer, they are sure to get more business from word of mouth. As with any buying situation, do the research and be prepared.

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