How to teach English to children?

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I am a mother of 2 kids one is of 3 years old and other is 5 years old. I need to know how I can teach English to my children effectively.

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  1. Jennifer

     "English has specific trials because there are so numerous phrases that sound the identical, but have distinct meanings; there are numerous irregular verbs, too.

    • It's beneficial for your child to affiliate English with a relevant individual like a parent, grandparent or care giver. Have that individual talk to the kid mostly in English.

    • Get a collection of melodies and DVDs that are for the child's age. Play them for your kid, but use caution, as young children are inclined to watch too much TV.

    • When you are helping the child with daily activities such as dressing, bathing, getting into the car and taking a walk, use the opportunity to ask how things are said in English.

    • When you are assisting your kid with every day undertakings for example getting dressed, bathing or getting into the vehicle, inquire how things are said in English.

    • Arrange for your kid to play with English-speaking age fellows round the same age.

    • Read English book having pictures in it and let the kid to repeat the words. After a while, she will remember the story so she can read it herself to you.

    • With a child who can read, use art supplies to make labels together to mark things in the house like ""door,"" ""bed"" and ""chair.""

    • Sing simple and short songs in English together."

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