How to tell if a german teen boy is interested in a teen american girl

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Hi im 17 years old from the U.S. about 8 1/2 months ago i had met a german teen boy online a year younger than i am on imvu (virtual avatar site) and started talking hes told me "I like your style" and about later into the month or so he already started saying "Ich liebe dich" and i respond back "Ich liebe dich auch" everytime i chat with him hes always happy,nice to me and also playful, i know alot about the german customs culture and language ive studied for 2 1/2 years i will be learning my third year of it as well,a month after me and him met i added him on facebook and hes always sending me invites to play "tiki farm,tiki resort,and farmville" when we do chat he always tells me what hes doing like for example he had went on a trip to the netherlands and he described to me what it was like and i dont even ask him what he does he just tells me straight up,hes very good looking more than that suuuuper hot and hes single, i hope to travel to germany oneday to visit him because hes always saying "come to germany"

so can anyone tell me if this boy is interested in me??? i would really like to know :) thanks

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  1. Gary

     i am a american boy and he is really in to you 

  2. Guest3277
    I'd say hes definetly interested in you! some guys are afraid to express how they feel about that special someone in their life. It sounds like he want's a future with you...sometimes it could also mean hes just flirting to get you in bed..don't fall for that dirty trick but yes i believe hes intrested in you thats if he doesn't flirt with other girls just to make you upset in a way it ruins things
  3. Guest5413

    uh YES! ich liebe dich means i love u and germans dont throw that around like americans do

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