Treating psoriasis on the scalp in adults

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I do not remember that I ever really had any problem with my hairs or the scalp. Few days back, while brushing I discovered some whitish substance on the scalp. My first impression was that it is dandruff but within a few days it was a like something spilt on my scalp. When I asked my mother about this she said that I have an attack of psoriasis on my scalp. This is quite surprising for me as I have never heard anyone who might be having this problem in the whole family. I have no interest in knowing about the history of psoriasis but would appreciate if someone tells me about treating psoriasis in adults.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    It is better to get rid of psoriasis as quickly as possible otherwise it can prolong to upto as much as 5 years. You can have a 10-day course of antifungal pill ketoconazole. It can be quite effective to get rid of stubborn scalp psoriasis but not permanently. Usually the drugs that your doctor may recommend as useful for scalp psoriasis include:

        * keratolytics

        * coal tar

        * corticosteroids

        * Dovonex

        * anthralin

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