How to treat severe allergic reactions?

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I suffer from allergic reactions, what should we do in case the allergic reactions occur, what steps should we take in the allergic reactions and how I deal with them effectively.

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    In case of allergic reactions calm and reassure the person who is having these reactions because anxiety can worsen the symptoms and conditions. Try to identify the allergen and also try to make a person avoid further contact with it. Try to identify allergen and have the person avoid contact with it. If the allergic reaction is due to bee sting, scrape off the stinger from the skin with something firm like a fingernail or plastic credit card. It is advisable not to use tweezers; squeezing the stinger will only release more venom.

    If the person is starting to develop itchy rash, you can apply calamine lotion and cool compresses. You might also apply the cortisone cream. Watch the person for increasing distress. Get medical help. For a mild reaction, a physician will recommend some medications such as antihistamines.

    For more severe allergic reactions:

    Check the airway of person who is breathing. There is a dangerous sign of throat swelling as it is very hoarse or whispered voice, or of coarse sounds as the person is breathing in air.

    In this condition calm and reassure the person. If the allergic reaction is from the bee sting, then you can scrap the stinger off the skin with a firm thing like fingernail or plastic credit card. Do not use tweezers as squeezing the stinger releases more venom.


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