How to upgrade windows 7 professional from windows 7 home?

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I am running windows 7 Home edition on my Laptop for about 7 months now. Some of my friends told me that the windows 7 professional offers potentially more viable features. So, I should rather upgrade my windows 7 home edition to windows 7 professional, so that I can enjoy more good features than I am using with windows 7 home. So, I wish to upgrade it to windows 7 professional edition, please tell me the best ways to accomplish it? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Guest3201

    You do not need any disks or delays neither you need to leave your house to have an upgrade for your windows 7 home version to windows 7 professional. One of the best solutions to get your windows 7 home edition upgraded to windows 7 professional version is to go for Microsoft Windows Anytime Upgrade. This pack allows you to upgrade your windows 7 home edition to a potentially more advanced windows 7 professional edition. Apart from this, this pack upgrades to windows 7 professional in just 10 minutes while accessing extra features without disturbing your current applications, files, programs and settings. The three major features this upgrade offers you are:

    i. Highly swift upgrade that takes just 10 minutes to finish all processes

    ii. You can work more securely and with ease anywhere you want with this upgrade

    iii. It protects your privacy and work with its auto-network-backup feature

    You can go for purchasing this Microsoft Windows Anytime Upgrade version from windows 7 home to windows 7 professional with your eyes closed. Best of luck with the upgrade!



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