How users reach my site and how it appears on Google?

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I tend to know the factors that helps my site to be visible to the internet users and search engines to get it indexed?

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  1. Guest1217
    Users and search engines, such as Google, view and locate your websites through these factors which are given below:
    •  The Search queries page lists the top search queries for which your site appeared in search results, as well as queries for which users actually clicked through to your site.
    •  The Links to your site page provides details about pages on your site linked to from other sites.
    •  The Keywords page lists the most significant terms Google found on your site. It provides insight into how the content of your site is perceived.
    •  The Internal links page lists URLs on your site that are linked to from other URLs on the same site.
    •  The Subscriber stats page provides data about the number of users subscribed to your site using Google services such as Google Reader.

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