How women can help man to meet his manhood

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It is up to women to bring man to meet his manhood

Despite the storm of criticism and four days after the Office of Granada continued with the paperwork to see if the book of the Italian Constance Miriano Marry is criminal and be submissive, published by the Archdiocese of Granada New Home, the Catholic Church launch another work by the same author : Marry and gives his life for her. Real men to women without fear.

The text highlights as the Archbishop himself, argues that " it is up to women to bring man to meet his manhood, fatherhood and its exercise of authority."

The Archbishop, who already defended the " exemplary wife and docile " described by Constance in his first work, now postulated to regain a role of the man who " goes a bit astray."

Miriano Costanza is married and the mother of four children, and works in RAI Italian public television. His first work the caption accompanying radical experience for women without fear. Now addresses the "real men ". These are, according to the Church, " disoriented men living at home who are ill prepared to handle the most delicate situations and safeguard the balance of the family."

The prelate Granada, Francisco Javier Martinez, who has managed to put the first book Constance Miriano among the best sellers, fail the criticisms of the first work to argue that this is also " subtly polemical."

The Archbishop, who benefited from the media hype to sell books, even call it a " gimmicky ", argued that " has never justified, excused or promoted " violence against women.

" Now is the time to learn the loyal and generous obedience, submission. And between us, we can say : understanding which is more sturdy, because whoever is holding the world below "this is just an example of the first book. The second just arrived in bookstores and hereby not had access to the text.

But the Archbishop understand because it will reawaken reviews, such as the president of the Federation of Separated and Divorced Women, Ana Maria Perez del Campo, who understood that the first work was already " a very clear manual violence " because " enslaves women." Neither political parties like IU and urged prosecutors to investigate if supposed " advocating violence against women." The Andalusian PSOE Archbishop demanded the immediate withdrawal of the book because he considers it "discriminatory and sexist." And to the PP asked the archbishop to " rectify " because the book was " a real nonsense."

The Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality, Ana Mato publicly called for the withdrawal of the publication because it is " disrespectful to women." He said in a letter sent by the director of the Institute for Women's archbishop, who now responds with a new publication of the author.

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