I'm a 13 year old girl looking for a 13-14 year old boyfriend

by Guest6280  |  12 years, 3 month(s) ago

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Hi! I'm wondering if any 13-14 yr. old guy would want to be my new bf. I'm brunette, with brown eyes, and I am athletic, sweet, and a fun person to be around. If you're interested, email me at so we can exchange pics and talk. Thanks!~

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  1. kennedy

    Hi im Kennedy and im 14 and looking for a boyfriend at least 14-15

  2. Lover13yearold

     Hi my name is Ian and I'm looking for a girlfriend my number is 3373228212



    Ps:I'm looking forward to talking

  3. Dadgari34

     Hi I'm Aaron. I have black wavy hair and brown eyes. I am on a swim team. I have a six pack and pretty well defined muscles.

  4. smarp

    yes. I am matching your requirement. sent invitation with pics to

  5. Guest5902

    hey im a 13 year old too, my name's woody would u be interested in me

  6. Guest392

    I'm 14 and pretty fun to be around to, would u be interested in me?

  7. Guest8929

    I'm not sure. Send me an email, and we can chat? :3

  8. Guest436

    hi my name is jhereme and your the one i need im very fun to be around athletic and careing i`ve been looking all over for girls that match me and i think i came to an end would u be interested in me ?

  9. Guest4839

    Hey my names Trevor you can e-mail me at or texted me 478-442-3807

  10. Guest2075

     how r u doin my name is monte i am very funny, very cute,very smart and, athletic but enough about me let me hear about u from your desciption i can tell u r wat u say u r so here is my number if u wanna txt me 336-402-1140 and i will b emailing u

                                                                                              love, monte 

                                                                                                              ps: i look 4ward to talkin 

                                                                                                                  with u ;-)


  11. Guest7617

    im james, im 13 years old, im fun, but some might think im a bit imature, but i like having fun, please email me at thx :)


  12. Guest8578

    Hi i would love to, you seem like my type and so far i like everything about you,

    I like athletics, somebody who's funny to be around, likes getting cuddled and loves talking

    please call me at 07554912036

    because sadly my email has went bust.

    if youre interested

  13. Guest4280

    hi i am interested please reply

  14. Guest7813

     hey i am a 13 yr old boy it seems that we have alot in comon,i like to play football and take runs

    most people find me funny and charming but yet i am rather tall because i am 6 feet tall i would like to talk i like to stay real cause i would like to know more about u

  15. Guest4548
    Hello im James, although i go by tuft (on account of a tuft of hair that never seems to stay down) sometimes. I am not what you would call "athletic" although recently i have been working out. as for humor, i am more wry and cynical than anything else. as for looks, that is a matter of opinion, and i dont want to sound narcissistic. I love reading, videogames, rock climbing, and Warhammer 40,000. my email is
  16. Guest1357


  17. Guest198

    Hey im 13 single and realy nice.iv been looking 4 girls and so far and your the first on my list.u sound nice and i want to give it a shot.

  18. Guest174


    Hey my names shane young im 13, single and realy nice.iv been looking 4 girls and so far your the first on my list.u sound nice and i want to give it a shot.


  19. Guest6621

    hi my name is logan i live in missouri [possibily the worst state in the world] i have brown hair blue eyes im fun to be around i love to make people luagh and my hobbies include swimming riding my bike and hanging out with my friends and unlike ALOT of guys i dont think about getting in girls pants 24\7 i like girls for what they are not what they have. if your interested call or text me at 417 350 3574. thx hope we talk soon.

  20. Guest7377

    hi im logan im 13 i live in missouri possibily the worst state in the world i have brown hair blue eyes im in a GEMS program its for kids with high IQ's dont think im a nerd or anything because of it though im funny im fun to be around and im not like most guys [im not thinking about getting in girls pants 24\7] i like girls for what they are not what they have if your interested call or text me at 417 350 3574. thx.

  21. Guest703

    is your name eliza if it is than i texted you one of the days after we talked and it said [SERVICE ERROR 305 MESSAGE DELIVERY FAILED or FURTHER MESSAGES WILL BE CHARGED TO YOUR ACCOUNT] so ya its logan. im just wondering watsup and if we can still talk or something i hope we can get in touch again bye.

  22. Guest4158

    hey i dont know if it whent through but i would like to chat with u when ever u whant.


  23. Guest2566

    my name is caleb im a basketball player im fun hilariouse and im fun to be around

  24. Guest2446

    i won a boyfriend call me at 3617676595

  25. Guest2050
    if these aren't pedophiles then George bush was never president.
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