I'm a hot 12 year old girl looking for a hot 11-14 year old boyfriendI'm a hot 12 year old girl look

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My name is Ariana. I am a really hot 12 year old girl. I have brown eyes, dark brown hair, im tan & im skinny. I am looking for a cute/hot/s**y 12 year old boy who wants to be my boyfriend. If you are interested PLEASE leave your name, cellphone number and/or email so I can contact you. (I'll also accept cute/hot/s**y boys ages 11-14)

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  1. Lasse

     Hey Ariana My Name Is Lasse.

    I live in Mallorca (Spain) but you can write to

    Call me 608263111

    Love U


  2. bob

    Kik me @ bpasco2244.Im 13

  3. s1s1lv3r

     Kik me at silver8102

  4. s1s1lv3r

     Hey im 12 my # is 919-995-0654


     I whould love to be ur boyfriend I live in Mesquite,TX and my phone number is 972-835-2611 and my name is cj mayer and I'm also looking for a person that is a girl 11-14 and I'm a Male


  6. AnthonyH15

     Hi my name is Anthony. Im 12 and my email is

    on june 13th im getting a phone and if you email me your phone number after that date we can talk

    i was hoping to get to know you better and hope we can meet

    if you were wondering i am NOT a predator. 

    im a funny person and if you like sports tell me which kind





  7. kelmen

     hey 13 hear you want to talk just get me on bbm or wechat 24C027EE add me


  8. Sam Hernandez

     Hey I'm  Sam and I'm interested. I am 13, tall, athletic, muscular, hot, tan, and caring and want a girlfriend. Please email me at Thanks!

  9. jaden woods

     hey im jaden call me 614-625-3666 i no the last part is horrible 

    or kik me at youngdurka or snapchat me at jadeniss*xy

  10. Brandon

    i am Brandon my ph is 4432396542 my email is :).

  11. Nathan

     I'm Nate u can find me with my # and my email

  12. Nathan

     Hi I'm Nate here's my # 3616496431

  13. anthony

     Hey name anthony im a 12 brown eyes,black hair

    And my num is 801-530-9417

  14. Nick Kirby

     Hey my name is Nick and I'm looking for someone to since I got dumped my number is 1-859-308-3710 but the bad part is that I only text

  15. Drake

     Hey im 14 im the head of the football team skinny athletic and hot my number is 937-631-7236 

  16. Ben

     My number is actually 8692424 and my email is

  17. Ben

    My name is Ben and if you are free text me @ 1(618)6987421

  18. collby

    sup im colby and my email is im intrested

  19. Ben

     I am the hottest guy on here and my name is Benjamin here is my email 

  20. John Ryan

     Hi contact me!!!


  21. Cameron Winning

     hello im cameron do you want to go out some time my emil is COOL125CC@YAHOO.CO.UK


  22. kelmen

     hey I'm 12 have brown blonde hair have blue eyes my name is kelmen +27795256497 and here is my number

  23. andrew

    im 12 too i think ill like to go with

  24. Chandler

    If u havent picked any one txt me at 662 298 6784 i have brown hair and eyes im really fun to be around i mean ask my friends, im the craziest 12 year old in the world and i bet i can get you to laugh in at lest 10 seconds

  25. abdul

    hlo my name is abdul rahman 0555772160

  26. Benny Clinton

     I'm just gonna be stait forward with you. I'm probably not what your looking for but it would be nice if you picked me. I play travel baseball, AAU basketball, classic soccer, and I'm the quarterback for my school football team. Text my my number is 5014003701. Thanks.


  27. Owen

     Hey my name is Owen.  My dad is in the Film buisness.  I have met Emma Watson, Charlie Sheen, Francis Coppola, and Taissa Farmiga.  I am single currently and live in Portland Oregon.  I have dark brown eyes, brown hair and tanish skin.  I am 13 years old and i am in 8th grade.  Email me at or txt me at 5038942163

  28. Garcianoel2000

     831 235 7978 please call my name is Angel Garcia email is

  29. Joshir Singh

     Hey I'm Joshir I have a eight pack do lots of sports and play drums and guitar call me 0722621212

  30. Nathan

     I'm a very hot popular 13 yearold boy and my number is9135752568 ad email is

  31. Daniel

     if u wanna go out with me ill go out with  u gladly ^^

  32. Daniel

     Hi my name is Daniel

    i got brown eyes and i have a small afro im black

    im a nice guy and stick up for friends and family and yeah thats pretty it my number is 07943232691 but my phones Dead XD gonna charge it 

  33. Brett

     My number is 1231 345 6601

  34. Brett

     I'm Brett, athletic, six pack, nice hair

  35. buda


    i got waht u lookin for bbz;)

    email me on

  36. nick92461

    hi im nick 5'6'' brown eyes brown hair. nice abs. 609 287 7387


  37. tanner

     my names tanner im 14 my numba is 919 622 2475

    txt mee 

  38. Caleb

     My names Caleb text me 409-276-6657

  39. alejandro valdez

     im alejandro 12 text me 209-922-6913 or call

  40. frank

     Im Franky im 12 i have brown eyes and black har

    my email is

  41. Dadgari34

     I'm Aaron. I have wavy black hair and brown eyes. I do have a six pack and am 14 years old. Txt me at 925-200-8912 and email at

  42. santhosh

    hi arina plz call me +917358026564

  43. sueyu

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  44. josh

     2813001640  14 year old boy HOT

  45. Dalton

    hey this is dalton im 12 and txt me at 920-370-3189 before 600 tonight or from now on

  46. Righteous kid

     Hey I'm tyrees im 12 if I'm not to late my number is 1 (780) 625 4917 

  47. Jayden

     Hey my name is Jayden and I'm a hot 12 year old boy I have no phone but my email is

  48. Guest8919
    hey my name is jeremy i live in cali my numba is 16619929967 im 13 and need a gf hmu oh and i dont go on my email so just text kk
  49. Guest8080

    Uh hey jeremy...are you a F***n r****d. This is more than likely an FBI police sting. Hope your not some perverted old dude, if so get your A-hole stretched and ready for some prison love.

  50. Guest8409
    My name is matthew I'm in football,basketball,baseball my number is 9567849765 my email is hope u call or text
  51. Guest1546

    hey ariana im twelve too i have wavy blonde hair blue eyes and i am s**y my names james and my phone number is 4087182941 txt me

  52. Guest5090

     Ariana why don't you wait for 3 more years and then get yourself into this boyfriend girlfriend relation. You should presently concentrate more towards studies I think so you need to build your future as well and it is never in such friendship which you are desiring. Rest its your life and you are free to take the path which you think is the best for you. 

  53. Guest7428

    hey im Tyler im 13 and i have brown eyes awsome hair  and my num is 949 616 8161 call me


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