I Need an idea for my 12th Birthday party !

by Guest4941  |  10 years, 11 month(s) ago

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i want to go out wiv my friends but i am not aloud a  sleepover because my mum has 5 children !
What should i do ?

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  1. Guest2265
    Invite all of your friends. Then if there is a school dance, go to that... it will be fun. Stay up as late as possible... it is always fun to stay up late!!  Umm lets see... Oh I almost forgot... have a gossip hour. Those are the bomb!!! U can talk about other girls/boys, who someone is dating,(if anybody is dating)and all other sorts of secrets that u werent sopost to tell. But make sure befor u start that nothing (the secrets) leave(s) the room.

    That is what I did for my 12th B-Day Party... I hope I helped!!! P.S Good luck with ur party!!!!!

  2. Guest3437
    you canrent a room and hire a dj or tye die your t shirts u can order some pizza you can go bowling
  3. Guest9538
    i have no idea what i should do for my 12th birthday party! it's so hard to figure out what i nant to do. i want 4 girls to come. so if you have any idea please tell me !! thanx =)
  4. Guest8513
    I also need ideas for my party!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Guest6190
    I need ideas for my birthday party as well....if you can please help me with any ideas.

  6. Guest9360
    You could go to a cinema, , or maybe watch a movie at home with sweets or popcorn and afterwards go to your room for gossip and opening presents. You could also ask your parents to make a treasure hunt. You have clues in certain places(by the sofa) and whoever finds the prize(a book, jewellery) gets to keep it.

    Hope i helped.
    Good luck!
  7. Guest3010
    so do i can someone help
  8. Guest1836
  9. Guest990

    any more ideas?

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