I am a 13 year old girl looking for a boyfriend in New Jersey

by Guest3059  |  12 years, 10 month(s) ago

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Brown hair, brown eyes
Athletic, caring, fun to be around
I love Crime Dramas, and can't wait for the next season of Rizzoli&Isles!
My favorite color is purple, and it has been since even before it became "cool"...
Honestly, I'm different. I hate to be a follower. Kids in my school think they are cool because they wear silly kid backpacks. I think it's stupid.
I am intelligent. I get good grades while still managing to be super awesome.

Alright, well that's me. Send me a message at if you're interested. :)

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  1. Guest4034

    OMG why do you need a boyfriend at this age? too young. get OVER it

  2. Guest807

    Hi, you seem really cool to be with and i know you probably are,

    I have brown hair and am 14 years old, i have good grades iswell and i like athletics iswell, i love tv like football, motorsport and basically anything.

    what you say about girls having stupid backpacks, i agree with you so much.

    I live in scotland, the good parts, dont put that off though, cause i could still find away to see you, if you did wanted.

    If you wannna reply then call me at  07554912036

    sorry but my internet is not working so im secretly using my friends laptop, hush hush

    i would love to chat to you

  3. Guest3839


        My name is Jon I live in New Jersey and i am 13, i have brown hair and brown eye, I am 5 foot 5, I am really good at lacrosse and i love to go snowboarding. I also have good grades, and I'm not a follower. well i hope you like me. you can text/call me at 732-865-0533 or email me a

    I hope to talk to you soon you seem really nice and pretty (:

  4. Guest1304

    The guy with the phone number 07554912036 is probably a careful

  5. Guest7027



  6. Guest4100

    im 13 and im in houma louisiana 212southland circle and i think your cute.

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