I am a pregnant african american girl seeking couples to adopt my baby

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well i currently reside in western new york im 19 years of currently 14wks pregnant but i am sure this is something i want to do..i am very sympathetic to couples with fertility issues and im open to same s*x couples adopting my child. i also am willing to do this without an adoption agency..serious inquiries can contact me at

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  1. Guest3242

     It is like a trend these days around the globe to give away your child it is not good by many means because you are the one who is mother to that child and no one can take your place because you are the one who will keep her in belly for 9 months and its you who will be known by the pain which you will suffer at the time of birth. 

    But if you feel that you cannot take good care of your baby then it is the most suitable option to give away your child to some one who is really in need of a baby. 

    You will find many people around who will help you and adopt your baby. But you need to make sure that the family or couple who is going to adopt your baby are married because these days people take away your child and then indulge him/her in illegal activities so you should make a complete verification of the couple before giving away piece of you body to any one else. May Almighty help you and guide you in better and right way. 

  2. Guest8447

    Well ZZ is right and you need to check out for good people and only hand over your child when you are fully satisfied. And here Me would like to mention only one thing that you need to mention that where are you currently living so that people around you can contact you.

    You need to specify the area because only then people living neat to you can also contact you or so.

  3. Guest3121

    thanks and i dont plan on just handing my baby over to anyone. and im not quite sure how to change the info on my question or profile

  4. Guest7055

     Now i think you will achieve your desired results very soon and I would have helped you more if I would be some place near to you. May Almighty help you in the right direction. 

  5. Guest8100

    thank you so much..i really appreciate your help..i hope u have a blessed day

  6. Guest1541

    Hello Alyssa,

    We are very much interested in adopting your baby!

    I just sent you 2 emails to the addresses you provided on here.

    Hope to hear from you shortly sweetie :)

    ~Aurora & Joe


  7. Guest2415

    Hi There - we are a same s*x couple also living in New York.  You could check out our profile and adoption letter at

    We are in Sullivan County.  Where are you?  Our thoughts are with you and hope you find the family you are looking for to raise your child.  We are hoping for an open adoption which the experts say is best for the child but will respect what ever decision a birth mom makes.

  8. Guest4686


    First off I'd like to commend you for having the courage that it takes to

    consider adoption for your child. I have been trying to concieve

    for the past 3 years, and unfortunately I have not been blessed

    with a bundle of joy yet! I have turned to adoption because not only would it help me,

    but helping people is one of my main goals in life. I would love to help with your situation.

    I have a great stable job, a wonderful fiance, and

    a great home to raise a child! My family means the world to me, and we would love nothing

    more to add a new addition! So if your interested please don't hesitate to

    contact me back! -britney.

  9. Guest5947

    Well we are currently going thru an adoption process but we will hault it if you'd like for us to adopt ur baby.  We are a married couple of 19yrs unable to conceive and are looking forward to adopting a baby but cant afford the adoption fees (outragious cost).  We reside in NJ if you are interested contact us at

    thank you for considering us with the trust of raising ur angel...GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR ANGEL...

  10. Guest7697

    Alyssa We are interested in your baby and would love and nuture him/her with stability and love. We are a same s*x couple and we have 3 children. plz consider us we would love a  new addition please get back with us at

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