I am in love or not

by Guest7424  |  10 years, 8 month(s) ago

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Actually from last five years i m in love with a girl i just wanna ask that how will know that she is in love with me or not




  1. Jesica ethan
    so my friend do u hav any kind of communication with her

  2. jane
    yeh we even dated many times .. infact we call each other regulalry
  3. Muhammad zahid khan
    I think that u r in love but first complete ur studies....
  4. Jesica ethan
    so what kind of behavior she she has?
  5. jane
    she is very loving and caring
  6. Guest367
    i had a crush on a guy in this summer i went to hurghada egypt i go to the same resort every year my father {rip} used to work there and the current hotel manger was my father's friend and co-worker his son seems to have a liking on me but i dont really like him at all his son's name is seif so seif and i haven't really talked at all before but i know his father and i have talked with his father a lot so the question cmmes here my crush is seif's friend i like him but i dont know how to reach out for him seif has got a facebook and i made my friend add him because i dont want him to know that i wanna contacs him at all and i also made sure that my friend who had him added doesnt have me in her friend's list  i couldn't find my crush in seif's friend list but i'm not sure if he is still there while i dont know because i actually dont know his name what should i do tell me ?
  7. Guest8793
  8. pabitraghadai
    you and love with a girl ,


    very funny

    you are a killer,
  9. Guest4028
    Look straight into her eyes. If she look back comfortably..she doesn't love you. If she blush..she loves u!! [hehe] or just ask her if she feels the same be sure. ahaha=p
  10. Guest3523
    u f**k her d**k!!!
    or suck her
  11. Guest3182
    hi ok i know you dont know me but i would really like to tlk to you bout a specific subject i hope we can tlk.
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