I am in love with a non-muslim girl,

by Guest8162  |  12 years, 11 month(s) ago

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I am working in abroad, i am in love with hindu girl, we like to marry in india, can i apply for register marriage from abroad, please any one help.

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  1. Guest9300

     That is why is think it is said that love is blind. If you are really in love with that girls then you have to convince her to convert to Islam only then you can have a regal relation with her. If i am not wrong then most possibly you are Muslim. 

    You should study the religion by your own or at-least discuss this thing with few scholars as well. You might ruin your religion so before taking any step please do think over again and again.

  2. Guest7930

    IF you love the girl, you may convert to Hindusiam, if convertion is allowed in it. It is better if both of you are of same religion,I was told hindusiam is 10000 years older than Islam. or better forget her get married to a muslim girl.

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