List of wedding gifts for wedding party.

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There is a wedding function coming up in the family this year by the end of March. I have not yet planned anything about this function particularly about the gift that I have to present. Someone kindly provide me a list of wedding gifts so that it becomes easier for me to make a choice.

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  1. Harrydgr8

     Before you go to a wedding, it is important that you decide about the gift that you would like to present. Many people these days like to give an envelope containing money. There is nothing wrong with giving money but this does not show your love and care for the recipient. Given below are some simple wedding gifts that you can give to someone, may it be someone in family or a close friend.

    • A set of expensive pens for both


    • Decoration Candles


    • A large Silver Piggy Bank


    • Napkin Rings


    • Tea Light Holders


    • Photo Frame


    • Champagne glasses or Soft Drink glasses


    • Cake Knife & Server


    • Vase made of glass or crystal


    • Silver-plated key ring set with Bride & Groom’s name




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