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When my husband is away I am the only one at home to look after my kids. They bug me a lot and sometimes it becomes difficult for me even to cook something. I would be more than grateful if someone could provide me children activity ideas so that I could keep them busy.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    It is not very difficult to engage children in a certain activity. In other words, you can organize an activity by yourself to engage your kids without even seeking any help from the internet. Nevertheless, given below are few activities to engage your children.

    • Coloring book with pencil colors or simple lead pencil

    • Play cartoon movie or cartoon channel

    • Play some famous rhymes on CD

    • Play tongue twisters

    • Wash the dishes

    • Jumping acts

    • Give your dolls a long, luxurious bath

    • Play in small air-filled swimming pool

    • Look at family photo albums

    • Tea party with dolls or stuffed toys

    • Room cleaning

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