I am looking for some unique baby shower ideas.

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My baby is about 10 months old and loves his time in shower. Considering that this happens to be his favourite activity so I would like to make it more enjoyable for him. For this reason, kindly suggest me some unique baby shower ideas.

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  1. selvester robin

     Baby shower is a very important day for both mother and baby as well. It is the most important day of mother. You can plan so many activities for that day. Keep in mind; arrange those activities in which your baby remains comfortable and happy. I’m providing you some unique ideas for that day hope you like it.

    At that special day you can arrange activities like

    Write a book

    It might prove to be a enjoyable idea. For that, take a blank book or you can also make it. Then ask guest to write something or any piece of advice.

    Arts and crafts

    You can also arrange arts and crafts activities as well like

    A quilting bee

    A felt board

    A handmade wall hanging or floor mat

    Prefired pottery at do-it-yourself shops

    Blow by blow

    A personal touch

    15 minutes of fame

    Here below I’m providing you a link via where you can find some more ideas.

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