I am looking to adopt a newborn baby

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I have a 3 year old son. My youngest son became an angel 2 years ago. I know I am ready to be a new mom again. My son would really enjoy being a big brother again as well. Your child would be very loved. You are welcome to visit the baby anytime you get ready. Your child will be well takin care of with lots of love. If you want to talk to me to get to know us plase write me

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  1. collen redante

    Dear Adoptive parent,

    after been scammed twice here i tried one last time with and i just completed the adoption of my baby now she is here and happy from liberia. it is free just legal fees i paid! try it out too here is their


  2. Guest7033

    I am looking for a home for my Grand daughter .I am her Grand Father and i am looking for a home for her .,SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY .(lugardmayers21@YAHOO.COM)


  3. Guest2786

    Hello dear ,

    my name is Grace , i am 23 year old and got pregnant and unable to take care , i wish to know if you are still interested in adopting a baby , if yes can contact or please can e-mail me back as soon as possible regarding our situation . e-mail me back at ( )

    thanks and best regard .

    Grace .

  4. Guest6457

    Hi, My Name Is Wendy And Age 23 years. I'm a nursing mother and single parent to the baby boy . I am disabled (crippled-ca​r accident) and Due to my inability condition , i myself incapable of holding on to the responsibilities​s of raising up this child base on my financial stand , back-grown and my present condition . I'm here to get my baby boy a tenderly loving home and parents that will dedicate all his love , time and patience in raising this baby boy in a very loving environments​ . My baby boy is in good health , have good weights, playful and all medical reports are good. I'm healthy except of my disable condition , not a smoker nor an alcoholic . I love my baby boy very much , my placing him up for adoption is just get a family and home that i know will forever love and care for him better than i can do . Please , i will be more than just being happy to bless your with my baby boy provided you are the type of family i want for him . Please contact me via . ­ Thanks Please many peoples has contacted me thinking that i want to take their money off , please nooo no no i am not , please i am looking for a serious and christian family please .

  5. Guest7520

    Hello there , my name is Sandra Deanne Rodriguez , am 21 years old ... I Am seriously Looking for a Very Financially Stable Couple Willing To Adopt My 10 months old Baby boy , please you can e-mail me back at for more information and pictures of him .

    NB: Only serious and christian family should contact me please , i will be impatiently waiting for your reply ...

  6. Guest7535

    Hello , is there any adoptive parents still looking to adopt a baby ?? Please i am placing my ad in regard of my little boy who is only 9 months old now looking for a stable and a christian family who will help me and my son ... I am 22 year old and got pregnancy and was able to give this baby a better life and all what he deserve ... I am on my knees pleading any adoptive parents who can help out our situation .... You can e-mail me ( ) i am ready to hand over the custody of this baby to any adoptive Parents .... Please only serious parents should contact me please ...

    Thanks and waiting ...

    Erika .

  7. Guest6039

    Dear Erica,   My husband and I are very intereted in getting to know more about you and beautiful baby boy. We are very stable couple and have been married 14 years. We lost a baby this year and have decided to look at adoption very seriously. Any and all info or pics and expectations on your part would be greatly appreciated. We both are aunts and uncles and come from large loving families. I am a work from home wife and my husband is a airline pilot. Please feel free to ask any and all questions. thanks for your time. love and blessings 

    Mr. and Mrs. Miller


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