I am not able to connect to the wireless connection

by Guest1277  |  12 years, 7 month(s) ago

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sir I am not able to connect to wireless connection form my nintendo wii

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  1. Guest2710
    do you have a wireless internet connection in your home? you have to go to the WIFI settings at the WII home page. They give you an option to test the connection. Do the test and see if it works.

  2. Guest843
    What router wireless settings are you using? Best to assign a unique SSID and otherwise use the default settings, unless you know that the default channel won't work for you. After you get the network working, enable WPA (or WPA2 if possible, or at least WEP) encryption.

    When you 'view available networks' (to use WZC terminology), do you see your network? Any others? What happens when you select yours and try to connect? Probably would be good to use WZC for now, since more people are going to be familiar with it than with Voyage.

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