I am stuck and need help of ideas for my 12th birthday party, does anyone have any suggestions?

by Guest35  |  11 years, 1 month(s) ago

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I was thinking maybe have a specific theme or go out somewhere. I am a girly girl and most of my friends are too! I like swimming ,rollercoasters,limos,make-up,accesories,scary things and groos stuff. I want this party to be something for me and my friend to remember so please help!!!
Thankyou x*x

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  1. Guest8775
    Go out shopping with your closest friend and let her spend £50.Then hire a limo to pick up u and more of ur friends from their houses and drive around your town for a bit. When it has dropped u all off at ur house have a girly sleepover with truth or dare and midnight feasts.

    The total cost should be ...... £250
  2. Guest6450
    Hi, I'm turning 12 in a month and I'm almost a full girly-girl too. What I'm doing is I'm having 8 girls over (not including me) and we are going to the movie theater that has leather re-cliners as seats and then we are going to the mini-plaza, the plaza and then to this really nice hotel on the plaza and spending the night there. While we're at the hotel, we're going to go to the massage and mani-pedi place and then we are going to watch a movie in the movie room. But, if you can't do this, you can always do it at home: set up the mani-pedi/massage room in ur living room, the movie room in a big room that has a tv, and you can set up ur room to look like a hotel rooom. And since we're going to the fancy movie theater, you could rent a movie from the redbox or blockbuster or something else and watch the movie like ur in a movie theater.

    I hope u have a great b-day,

  3. Guest3661
    thankyou so much for your suggestions it has helped me a lot! xxxx happy birthday to u 2 annie x*x
  4. Guest425
    you could have a spa and sleep over oarty. Invite ur closest friends to come over to your house, and do your nails, hacials, drink smoothies. you could also sind kareoke. Of coarse, ur gurls, so  stay up late, talk and watch movies. u should have food at the party. Most omprtant, HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Guest4480
    i have a few ideas like someone come to my house and do everybodies hair makeup nails etc then watch a movie order pizza  and chill with a face mask or a perfume party
  6. Guest8616
    hi birthday girls

    i heared you wear stuck on what to do for your birthday well....
    i was thinking that you could do:
    themed costume party
    mad hatters disco (like the one on alice and wonderland)
    movie night
    limo or hummer

    i hope that helps x*x x x*x x x*x all your ideas did for me cause ive got pages and pages of ideas for my b-day.
  7. Guest9610
    have ur closest friends over and get a bouncy castle and do whatever you want or go to a near by hotel and have a pamper dayyy without parents im 12 too in a few days and other suggestions have really helped cheers :):)
  8. Guest9487
    i am exsactly the same! LOL!!!
  9. Guest7403

    1. you could always have a dico party set up stremers in a large room and put music on and have food and drinks pluse lodes of fun its realy cheep too.

  10. Guest7472

    i need a really really good idea for my b-day. my bestie isnt a girly-girl so no spa or hotels or anything like that. please i need help!!! i only have 1 week!!!

  11. Guest363

    hi guys, i really like your ideas so far im turning 12 in two weeks and this is what i have so far:

    spa theme with facails, manicures and pedicures and the food is a chocolate fountain with strawberrys and marshmellows and we are going for a chinese at a restuarant help me please................

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