I don't know if this is alright or not...

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I have many zit looking things at the bottom of my p***s, what are they?

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  1. Md.Najmul Islam KhaN
    That is a bit disturbing.
  2. Md.Najmul Islam KhaN
    So there is no way to get rid of em'? Like around the tip?
  3. Guest6417
    the zits on lower end is very common among teens.  Guest1551427 don't worry about it they will go away.
  4. Guest1249
    welcome mr D.evosaa,
  5. Md.Najmul Islam KhaN
    But you never told him about the head...
  6. Guest4555
    no big deal.  If they are white looking pimples or zits, it is completely normal and nothing to worry about. There is really nothing you can do about them, they will either go away or they won't; no big deal. the spots on your skin (shaft and sack) are called sebaceous prominence and the spots lower are called pearly penile papules.
  7. Md.Najmul Islam KhaN
    Wow, herpies?
  8. Guest4159
    Well, long time ago... big story but I had some sort of it yes. They are normal skin color, til I pop one. Then they are white. oh and at the head of... there are pinkish white things around the head.
  9. Guest1776
    Just the rim though.
  10. Guest942
    what is the color of the zits and have you had s*x?
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