I know who killed me Lindsay lohan

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What was the theme of Lindsay Lohans movie I know who killed me? I am doing a research paper on Lindesay Lohan movies, please let me know if you have some information on this movie theme. I hope you can answer me as soon as possible.


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  1. Guest7869

    Hello there

    It was quite a famous film of Lindsay Lohan and one of my favorite flicks so far. The movie was the best American thriller for the year 2007 and got enough popularity due to different aspects of the movie.

    The movie is themed on the quiet suburb of New Salem which was being terrorized by a psycho freak, serial killer who abducts and tortures young women. Before killing young women he holds them captive for weeks.

    It is a must seen movie and you should watch if you have not seen it before. By doing this you can get a lot of stuff about the Lindsay Lohans character as well.

    Lindsay Lohan has played the role of Aubrey Fleming and performed it very well. This interesting thriller ends up as the movie ends with Aubrey and another character Dakota are just lying together on the ground, looking out into the night.

    I guess now you have an idea about the real theme behind the movie. Still need to know more, then you should watch it. Still you need to know more, then do consult me here. I am here to be of your help.



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