I like dating older women im only 18, is it normal

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I like dating older women im only 18, is it normal

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  1. Victor Strong

     Wanting to date older women is perfectly normal at age 18, so long as we aren't talking about grandmas. In fact, many young men, including ones I know love the idea of getting in a relationship with a woman who is older than them. A lot of this has to do with the fact that at 18, many girls aged 21-24 seem incredibly desirable for a multitude of reasons. Some could relate to confidence, as people know themselves better and have usually done more in life at age 21 than 18. 

    Other and more likely reasons centre around the challenge dating an older woman presents. Many women are reluctant to peruse anything with a younger man. Also, competing for such a woman could prove harder to do superior competition. Finally, these women usually have loftier expectations than ones fresh out of high school which adds to the challenge. 

    In all, there is nothing wrong so long as you and they feel ok about it. 

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