Criminal justice careers list.

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My son is an 8th grade student and keeps on asking me about different fields and the type of careers they offer. I have noticed that amongst all the other fields, he speaks and knows about so far, he is comparatively more inclined towards criminal justice careers. As I do not know much about this field so would like someone to provide me a list of criminal justice careers.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    For your information, given below is a list of criminal justice careers. Details about them can be easily found over the web.

    • ATF Agent

    • Bailiff

    • Blood Spatter Analyst

    • Border Patrol Agent

    • Bounty Hunter

    • CIA Officer

    • Computer Forensics

    • Correctional Case Manager

    • Corrections Officer

    • Counter Terrorism Officer

    • Court Clerk

    • Court Reporter

    • Crime Analyst

    • Crime Lab Analyst

    • Crime Prevention Specialist

    • Crime Scene Investigator

    • Criminal Investigator

    • Criminalist

    • Customs Agent

    • DEA Agent

    • Deputy Sheriff

    • Evidence Technician

    • FBI Agent

    • Federal Air Marshal

    • Fish and Game Warden

    • Forensic Accountant

    • Forensic Ballistics Expert

    • Forensic Scientist

    • Fraud Investigator

    • Gang Investigator

    • Homicide Detective

    • ICE Agent

    • Immigration Enforcement Agent

    • Information Security Officer

    • Juvenile Probation Officer

    • K9 Officer

    • Law Enforcement Officer

    • Lawyer

    • Legal Secretary

    • Narcotics Officer

    • NSA Police

    • Paralegal

    • Park Ranger

    • Parole Officer

    • Police Officer

    • Prison Warden

    • Private Investigator

    • Probation Officer

    • Secret Service Agent

    • Security Guard

    • Security Officer

    • Sheriff

    • State Trooper

    • Substance Abuse Counselor

    • TSA Screener

    • United States Park Police

    • Marshal

    • Postal Inspector

    • Victims Advocate

    • Youth Correctional Officer

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