I need help for control drinking

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I need help for control drinking

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  1. Jack Fisher

    To control your drinking you would have to ask yourself some questions before you can actually formulate a plan of attack.

    When did you start drinking?
    How did it started?
    Who did you started with?
    The people you started drinking with, still part of your life?
    Why did you started to drink alcohol?
    Why do you still drink?

    It is important to Remember: Just like any other drug alcohol is also a drug.  You are addicted to it because It makes you feel relaxed, happy, sociable, and or you are alluded to think it makes you forget things, relieves your anxiety and stresses but it is addiction.

    You have to be very honest with the next question:

    Are you an alcoholic?
    Answering this question honestly is the first step towards Moderation Management. IF you are in denial, chances of cleaning yourself are limited.

    Only person who can  decide what you are able do is You. Admit you have a problem, Set a goal which is not open ended (it must have timeline associated with it), write it down in all the places you possibly can, and achieve changes. Many people successfully get rid of their addiction and change, but, as you know, no pain no gain, don’t look for easy answers.

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