I need information on the latest Ford models available in the market to date.

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I am trying to develop a website in which there would be information about each and every car driven on planet earth. Before I develop the website I need to have authentic information about each and every car brand. Just to kick off, I am starting up with the latest models of the cars with Ford being one of them. Kindly provide me some information on the latest Ford models.

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  1. James Harley

    Whosoever is interested in cars must be more than familiar with the name Ford. Since early 1900s, Ford is known for introducing ways for large-scale manufacturing of cars and is the second largest automaker in the U.S. and the fifth-largest in the world according to annual vehicle sales in 2010. Hence it has produced a series of new models in the year 2011. Given below are the names of those models as well as the price in US Dollars.

    E-Series Wagon                               $26,129 to $32,317

    Edge                                                $26,194 to $36,050

    Escape                                             $20,126 to $32,280

    Expedition                                        $33,951 to $48,602

    Explorer                                           $26,886 to $36,772

    Fiesta                                               $12,773 to $16,815

    Flex                                                  $27,817 to $39,508

    Focus                                               $15,724 to $18,315

    Fusion                                              $18,594 to $26,630

    Mustang                                           $21,078 to $34,765

    Shelby GT 500                                 $43,999 - $48,449

    Taurus                                              $23,695 - $35,035

    Transit Connect Wagon                    $21,557 - $21,694

    Please be informed that the prices listed above are Invoice prices and NOT the manufacturer’s retail price. There is a slight difference between the lowest and maximum prices that is unusually no more than 10%.

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