I need some authentic information on disciplining your kids.

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I am a father of two lovely kids, a 3 year old daughter and a son just about a year and a half. I do not expect my kids to do anything for me as they grow up but I would like them to be well disciplined throughout their lives. For this reason, I would like someone to tell me about child discipline techniques.

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  1. Guest14250

     Love, care and good upbringing creates loyalty in kids. The basic step we all should keep in mind is that love as much as you can because love can pull your kids towards you. It’s the best tip if you want to see your kids loving you. It’s actually a two way relation. Sometimes you have to sacrifice just for the sake of happiness of your kids. My suggestion for you is that

    1) Give them time.  

    2) Listen to their problems.

    3) Entertain them

    4) Love as much as you can.

    5) Take them to their desired places.

    6) Party with them and do shopping with them as well.

    7) Do everything which you feel will make them happy and create love for you.

    Hope these suggestions will help you in a best way. These tips will really work and bring your kids closer. When I start loving you then they will do definitely do something for you and never leave you alone.

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