I sabotaged my rip-off hairdresser

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I sabotaged my rip-off hairdresser

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  1. Brett
    I used to really enjoy going to the hairdresser — not only would you come out looking great, but you'd get to have a nice relaxing chat to the hairdresser. However, in recent years I've come to dread it.

    They all seem to be trying to make a sale — trying to sell you the overpriced shampoo that consumer affairs groups say isn't any better than the cheapie stuff in the supermarket.

    Many a time I have been grilled over what type of "product" I am using. They mention how my hair wouldn't be as dry or as oily etc if only I used their product. They certainly know they have a captive audience — with your hair half done it's unlikely you'll leave! So I'm forced to listen politely. It can be quite offensive, though, considering that I, like most women, take pride in my hair and often receive compliments about it.

    Years ago I used to trust hairdressers, whereas nowadays I feel like just another sucker they can con. But I resigned myself to the fact that the hairdressing salons have adopted the same philosophy as most service industries nowadays — that an immediate sale is more important than long-term customer goodwill.

    However, the last straw came on a recent visit to a new hairdresser. "Hair To Dye For" was close to my work, and one of my colleagues, Nicole, went there, so I thought I'd try it. I had barely sat down when the young hairdresser, Sonya, exclaimed in a loud voice, "Are you using some product to make your hair dirty? It's dreadful!"

    A number of customers turned around and gaped at me. I was too shocked and humiliated to reply. Sonya proceeded to drone on about how their salon product was what I needed. I politely declined, and when she had finished cutting my hair I paid and got out of their as fast as I could.

    On my way home I started to feel pretty angry. I had paid to be insulted! The next day I told Nicole.

    "Dirty!" Nicole exclaimed, "How ridiculous, your hair always looks clean and shiny. I haven't had Sonya before — she sounds very rude. But most hairdressers are pushy these days. They'll say anything to flog their overpriced goo!"

    Mulling over what Nicole said, her mention of "overpriced goo" gave me an idea.

    Some weeks later I strolled into the salon. In a loud but friendly tone I said, "Sonya, you were right about my hair, it was a bit of a mess so I popped in here one day when you were out and bought the salon shampoo."

    Sonya took the bait, in an equally loud voice she said, "Oh yes your hair is much better. Do you want to buy some more shampoo?"

    "Well actually," I replied, "I didn't end up using the shampoo, because when I took it home I showed it to my neighbour, who's a naturopath, and she told me the ingredients are quite toxic."

    Sonya looked livid, and I noticed some of the customers staring at us. I kept on, "But fortunately for me, my neighbour gave me some of her own all-natural shampoo which she makes. I've been using it ever since and, like you just said, my hair looks great now!"

    I continued, "Actually, I have some of it here with me and I was wondering if your salon would be interested in buying it."

    I took my "shampoo" out of my bag. I had put it in a fancy bottle with a bow around it. I took the lid off and waved it under Sonya's nose. "Isn't that mango scent glorious?"

    Sonya very coldly said to me, "Our salon only stocks our own product. We wouldn't be interested in buying it."

    "Are you sure," I smiled sweetly, lowering my voice, "Perhaps, I could ask some of your customers if they are interested in buying it."

    "That wouldn't be possible. The salon owner is quite strict about this."

    "Well, I'll just leave a sample bottle here in case you change your mind." I then left the bottle on the counter and walked out the door.

    I tried not to laugh as I made my way back to my car. But then as I started to drive away, I saw one of the salon's customers walking out of the salon with my shampoo bottle in her hands.

    I was horrified. I stopped the car, wondering what to do — should I stop the lady? I had assumed that Sonya would take a sniff of it then throw it out, but now an innocent customer was taking my dodgy potion home! As I sat frozen in my seat wondering what to do, I saw the lady get into her car and drive off.

    Too late now, I thought. But a sense of guilt washed over me.

    The next day, I still felt a little guilty but figured nothing really bad would happen to the woman, she'd just have greasy hair for a day, so I decided to forget about it, until one day at work Nicole approached me.

    "Well I was at the salon last night and I heard from my hairdresser that Sonya got the sack!"

    Nicole continued: "Turns out, she made her own shampoo and sold it on the sly to a customer for $30! The salon owner wouldn't have found out, if the customer hadn't come back to complain, because after using it her hair was really sticky. She took it back to the salon and they don't know what was in it but it had started to go mouldy, so it certainly wasn't shampoo. They sacked Sonya on the spot! They reckon she won't have much luck getting another job, as who wants to employ a hairdresser who tries to sabotage her own customers?!"

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Sonya must have thought my "shampoo" was genuine and sold it to the customer I had seen walking out the door, making a pretty little profit for herself into the bargain. I felt a bit bad for the customer, but I figured at least Sonya got was coming to her — not only was she rude but she was dishonest as well.

    Mind you, every time I get out my yogurt maker to make mango yogurt, I do feel a little guilty!

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