I shocked to read Zardaris Op ed in Washington Post this morning in he has no time to address

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contrast he has no time or concern to address people of Pakistan on this drama?  What has Pakistan come to. If you get a chance please see Mr Ayub's first visit video when Kennedy greeted would understand the contrast with our stooges.... Zardari & Co or for that matter all other... Is there no Pakistani to come out to show the outrage

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  1. Guest1192

     Mr Zardari was never there to rule the people of Pakistan he is not eligible for the post of president. Not in this life but some how he is there and his basic aim is to grab as much wealth as he can and then say good bye to Pakistan. 

    Now here questions comes cross the mind is that how this thing happened that such a person reached to the post of president of a country. Well it is never possible with out the consent of the intelligence agencies working in Pakistan. And never the less the main entity behind all this America. Pakistan is never driven from inside Pakistan. All the instructions are passed from America in Pakistan all the policies are made after consulting with the Americans. 

    Now for me Zardari is just acting like a puppet who is waiting for the instructions from America only then he can speak any thing other wise he is not permitted to. 

    Pakistan is in hands of such people who don't even deserve to be humans. Because Mr. Zardari at number of times mentioned that he know who killed his wife. Then why don't he go for him. This is all drama a person who started his career with the bar of vine in Karachi is the President. Sham on all Pakistanis. 

    And about courage to stand up against him is not possible because the Army is part of all this drama along with this Zardari and they are all playing together. Army has given nothing to Pakistan. They are only making their properties and make their living style so as they are living someplace in 

    America. Their children are living in America. They even don't respect those civilians who are paying for their cost of living. These civilians struggle hard, have to pay tax on each and every thing but still no quality product is being delivered to them. 

    Pakistan can only be saved when Army in Pakistan will start thinking about the civilians as to be their fellow Muslims. But no one can just take it over in just matter of days. No way its possible. What we can do is just pray. That is the only way out. 

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