Is it good to teach younger children while playing?

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I think learning while playing is the best method to teach younger children. Is this method correct?

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  1. Jennifer

     It is for sure that preschoolers learn through play. However, numerous persons do not understand that it is the major way of children learns. According to the Children's Advocate, play helps children to construct the abilities essential for critical thought and leadership. It’s how they learn to solve the problems and to feel easy about their proficiency to learn. You are not required to announce your schedules to teach kids. Simply present them different games that need a little bit of thought and imagination.

    Gather the preschool kids into a round circle and sit them down. Give one of the children a beach ball and ask him to throw it to somebody wearing blue jeans. Tell the kid having the ball to hurl it to somebody wearing a white shirt. Continue leading the group by calling out colors and apparels until every individual has had his turn. The preschoolers will learn about colors and the names of apparels by tossing the ball.

    Give the kids’ baker's hats and set out the ingredients to make no-bake, orange balls: 12 oz vanilla wafers, 4 cups powdered sugar, 1/2 cup dissolved margarine and 6 oz thawed iced orange juice. Place the wafers into a plastic bag and pass the bag round the room while asking the kids to trample the cookies. Pour the trampled cookies into a bowl; add the melted margarine, sugar and orange juice extract into the bowl. Give the kids a little amount of the biscuit blend and display them how to roll them into balls. Complete the biscuit balls by rolling them in powdered sugar or coconut. Young children will learn origin and result and the significance of measuring ingredients in cooking. They will also gain a sense of accomplishment by performing a task.

    Tell the young kids that they are going to put on a play. Place a carton of dress up apparels in front of them and ask them to find an outfit. Then give them a rough idea to proceed out and functions to play. For example, they can imagine to be employees in an office. They will require a boss, clients and employees. This will educate children to work in a team, esteem other ones and talk in front of an audience.

    Walk around the room and describe distinct things the children are doing in their free time. For example, ask the kid playing with blocks that he has to make a convention by lining up his blocks: two red, one blue, two red and one blue, or by stacking the cups from shortest to tallest.

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