I want to have a list of some interesting online children games.

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I have a School going daughter and a son just about a year and a half. Over the weekend, the kids bug me so much that I am not able to do anything like cooking or house cleaning stuff. For this reason, kindly provide me a list of some interesting online game for children so I can keep them engaged.

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  1. selvester robin

     It’s a really good idea to engage and make your kids. Kids really enjoy playing games. It is only a healthy activity but it also enhances mental ability of kids as well. As we all now life is getting busy so much. So as parents, we hardly find any time for playing any physical game with your children. Here is the list of games which are not any interesting but informative as well. It not only keeps your kids busy but also sharpens your kid mental skill as well.

    Secret Builders

    SecretBuilders – Virtual World Game

    Stuart's Air Adventure

    Mystery Case Files Huntsville Game

    Hidden Expedition Titanic Game

    Armed with Wings

    Mystery Case Files - Prime Suspects

    Hide and Secret Game

    Lost City Of Gold

    Goodgame Hercules

    Protect the Fire

    Panik in Chocoland

    Treasure Pyramid

    Kit 'n Run

    Evil Elves

    Downhill Challenge

    Transylmania 2

    Planet Pursuit

    Cannon Math

    Eggs of Destruction

    Streamer Fever

    Action Fraction

    Snowball Toss

    Puke the Pirate

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