I want to have food preparation course outline.

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I am looking to start up a food business. I have been advised that before starting up the food business it is better to go for some food preparation courses as it will be quite helpful in the long run. Someone kindly tell me about the food preparation course outline.

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     Yes, some one has given you a very good advice. It can really prove to be very helpful before starting your business. For any business to start, you should really know its basics and techniques in order to make it successful. These short cookery courses can play a very vital role in your future. Via these courses you can check and control the activities of your cooks and chefs. Here is the food preparation course outline. 

    Bartending and Mixology

    Cake Decorating


    Cooking and Baking

    Event Planning

    How to Can, Freeze, Dry and Preserve Food

    Introduction to Gardening

    Italian Cooking Kitchen Sanitation


    Party Planning

    Pie Baking

    Restaurant Management

    Spanish Cooking

    Special Events Planning

    Tex Mex Cooking


    Waiter and Waitress Training

    Weight Loss Management

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