Engagement party decorations ideas.

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It is my engagement function coming up on the romantic valentine day. I am getting engaged to one of my first cousins whom I admire since childhood. As I wish to make this event a real memorable one so would appreciate if someone could provide me some unique ideas on engagement party decorations.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    Whether it is your engagement or any other function that has a lot to do with you, is usually there just once and for all in your entire life. For this reason, you would love to make this memorable not only for yourself but for all the participants. The main purpose of this party is to announce the engagement of the couple in a formal way. Some couples host their own engagement party while others have family members or close friends taking care of this. The Decorations for the party depend on taste, location and above all the budget in hand can be both formal and casual. You can have some balloons at the entrance of the engagement party venue and banner announcing the engagement stating congratulations. There can be a photo collage or timeline incorporating photos of the couple. There should be small touches of romance like candles around everywhere along with white twinkling lights wrapped around trees and some fresh beautiful roses in vases.

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