Internal parasites in dogs and internal parasites in horses.

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I own a farm house and have some well bred dogs and horses. I have come to know that just like humans; there are some internal parasites in both dogs and horses. I would appreciate if someone could tell me about such parasites.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    Parasites are basically small organisms that live in close relationship with the host. They can be external as well as internal. The internal parasites are further classified into two types namely worms and protozoa. They are generally not harmful but may become harmful if grow in large numbers. Some common internal parasites in dogs and horses are listed below:


    Hookworms - by eating shed larvae or eggs

    Roundworms – by eating infected animal

    Whipworms - passed on through fecal-oral transmission

    Tapeworms – found in intestines




    Gasterophilus – found in mouth and stomach

    Habronema, Draschia and Trichostongylus – stomach

    Parascaris equorum – liver and small intestine

    Strongyloides westeri - Small intestine

    Anoplocephala - Small intestine

    Oxyuris equi - Large intestine and a**s

    Onchocerca cervicalis, Setaria equina and Thelazia lacrimalis - Neck ligament, abdominal cavity and eye, respectively

    Strongylus - Large intestine and cecum


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