Actual causes of hypertension

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There are many people in my family who are patients of High Blood Pressure. I have noticed that out of those patients there are some who have been very much careful about their diet and everything. Besides, there are some who have been absolutely carefree when it comes to eating. For this reason, I would like to know in brief the actual causes of hypertension.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    Generally speaking, there are no well-defined causes of hypertension and this is one reason why it is called a “silent killer”. Basically the high blood pressure pertains to blood flowing through the arteries with more pressure than normal, thus making the heart working harder and hardening the walls of the arteries. Somehow, the possible causes of hypertension may include the below given reasons:

    • Inheritance

    • Smoking

    • Pregnancy

    • Birth control pills for women

    • Age factor (above 35 years)

    • Over weight

    • Inactiveness or laziness

    • Alcohol consumption

    • Fatty and salt enriched foods

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