What does it mean when at traffic lights, the amber flashes on its own?

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There are a few basics that I believe everyone knows about traffic or the traffic lights. It is understandable that when you see a red light on a traffic signal you are supposed to stop. By the time it shows amber you get ready and at green you go. I have often seen traffic flowing with amber lights flashing on the signal. If this is a sign for the traffic to continue moving then it should always be green. Hence I would like to know that what it means when the amber light flashes on its own.

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  1. James Harley

    This is true that when the traffic should only be allowed to pass through a signal only under the green light. However, there is a time during the day when the flow of traffic reduces and there are not many automobiles on the road. Not on all signals, but on some signals at this time you may see amber lights flashing. This does not mean that you have been allowed to simply pass through the signal. It shows that you do not need to stop but reduce your speed so that you could look at your either sides for another car approaching the signal so as to avoid an accident.  

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