I wanted a list of Honda motorcycle dealers near Islamabad

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I am living in Islamabad, because of increasing petrol prices and shortage of CNG, I thought of buying a Honda CD 70 as it is very much economical therefore I wanted to have an idea of Honda Motorcycle dealers in Islamabad or near.

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  1. James Harley

     Following is the list of Authorized Honda Motorcycle dealers in Islamabad.

    Name:         Tahir Autos

    Contact To: Sh. Tahir

    Services: Sales, Service, Spare Parts

    Contact#: 051-2870169 / 051-2871669

    Cell#:         0300-9541257

    Address: Aslam Market, Aabpara, Islamabad

    Name:               Honda Capital

    Contact To: Muhammad Kamil

    Services: Sales, Service, Spare Parts

    Contact#: 051-2254426-7 / 051-2854496

    Cell#:         0321-5180411 / 0333-5234133

    Address: G-9, Markaz, Laraib Center, Islamabad

    Name: Qazi Trading Co.

    Contact To: Saleem Qureshi, Muhammad Naveed

    Services: 5S Dealer

    Contact#: 051-5533378 / 051-5772369

    Cell#: 0300-8504080

    Address: N-91, Waris Khan, Murree Road, Rawalpindi

    Name: Rawal Autos

    Contact To: Changaiz Malik

    Services: 5S Dealer

    Contact#: 051-5529517

    Cell#: 0300-5553374

    Address: Groti Stop, Dhok Syedan Road, Main kamalabad, Rawalpindi

    Name: Anmol Honda Center

    Contact To: Asghar Ali

    Services: 5S Dealer


    Cell#: 0301-6237755

    Address: Near Gulshanabad, Adyala Road, Rawalpindi

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