Ideas about girls Halloween costumes

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As Halloween festival is near and I am seeking for some good costumes for me to wear. I am 12 and looking for some ideas about girls Halloween costumes. Please help.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Girls of all ages love getting dressed up. There are numerous girls' costumes that are of diverse variety of choices and priorties. Here are some favorites.

    Many girls idealize of making it big on the stage, on television, or on the silver screen. Glitz and glam attract to these girls, and getting dressed up as a Hollywood star may be just what your girl would love. Hannah Montana costumes are famous in the school-aged girls. One such costume comes with a gold jacket, long top, and leggings. Adding bracelets, charms, and a necklace will complete the ensemble. Another Hannah Montana costume is with a shimmery pink jacket and a shiny black vest.

    Other Hollywood divas include Gabriella or Sharpay from High School Musical. A Gabriella girls costume is with a red dress. A brooch, red shoes, and even a wig of long brunette locks, one costume for Sharpay is with a long turquoise dress. Shiny blue flats and a blonde wig add realistic detail. A fancier Sharpay costume adds a sequined red top, gold lame capris, and large pink sunglasses.

    Younger girls might relish getting dressed as a Disney princess. Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, is a yellow dress and tiara. Jasmine, from Aladdin, includes a cropped top, sheer blue pant, and a blue headband. Cinderella's costume is a full white dress with a headband. A wand and a tiara add finishing details. A Snow White costume is with her recognizable yellow and blue satin-like dress.

    Other popular costume ideas for girls of any age include:

    • Fairies

    • Cowgirls

    • Cheerleaders

    A girl looking for something offbeat and non-traditional might like to dress as a zookeeper, or a member of the SWAT team. A zookeeper costume includes a safari outfit, complete with jacket and hat. Boots and a stuffed animal, such as a monkey or a tiger, help to complete the theme. A SWAT team costume is with interesting gadgets such as a flashlight, phone, handcuffs, and binoculars. The main part of the costume is a jumpsuit and helmet."

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