Ideas about some good love cell phone signatures

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I am wondering for the details about some good love cell phone signatures ideas. Please help me in detail.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Assigning a signature or catch-phrase to the end of your SMS's serves cell phone signatures as a great identifier and style, this makes your messaging style one of a kind. Like, the symbol '>3' resembles the de4sign of a heart, and you can use it as one of the cute mobile telephone signatures about love. So, utilizing this symbol, you can design something like 'I>3Yoo' or 'I>3>3'. This is just an illustration of how creative you can be, in creating customized mobile phone signatures. Following is a list of good mobile phone signatures for boys and girls. They are alike to those being popular nowadays.

    • BrokenHe@rted

    • $$$RichNFamus$$$

    • >3CuTiE>3

    • *OnLeeU*

    • !N3V3R GoN3!

    • H3@rTZ Burneen

    • GuD~HeAVEN

    • TRuST Me 'N' U

    • Bea Happi

    • 1NONlee"

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