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I have applied for teaching assistant job post and got an interview call for next week. Please tell me some ideas about teaching assistant interview questions.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Teaching assistant interview questions:

    Interpersonal Relationships

    The interviewers desire to find out if you work well with others. You might be inquired such as: ""What kind of educators would you want to work with? Why?"" An apt response to this inquiry is, ""I relish employed with a variety of teachers. However, I especially relish employed with persons who boost me to discover new skills.""

    Academic Skills

    Your interviewer might inquire which periods of history most inspires you and why. These inquiries are due to assess if you have the proficiency to help students who are struggling.

    Disciplinary Strengths

    You might be inquired for example, ""How do you glimpse your performance in the classroom"" and ""What would you do if a student notified you that he didn't need to pursue your instructions because you are not the teacher?"" Tell the interviewer that you interact with the student in a polite and firm way and do not engage students when they try to argue.

    Ability to Teach

    The interviewer might inquire, ""How will you assist a student with his task if he denies doing more than the bare minimum of work?"" Let the interviewer understand that you will give the student with the support he desires to accomplish his task and will offer support and schedules for academic success."

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